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Pauls "Young-At-Heart" Wigs have been in business for 30 wonderful years.  Our beautiful stores tantalize all wig buyers.
Customers drive a 100 miles to come and browse our stores.  Hundreds of wigs and hairpieces are graciously on display.
We take any amount of time to help a customer and explain all the fine details of wearing and caring for wig products.
Some customers are so thrilled with their new hairpiece, that they even forget to cut the tag off.
Come on in and see for yourself, and get the wonderful feeling of owning a perfectly fitting wig for your very own.

Pauls Wigs                 A Pauls Products Store 
Fashion Note #96 blonde...    Nbr 1 seller ! Vibe Zig Zag Skin Top  23 super colors.. kool      Funky Girl...  very popular Visage .. Side Part Skin Top..   37 majestic colors     Lady Aspire comes in 32 lovely colors.. Mod Girl comes 24 vivid colors,  gee ! Chic Freak comes in 32 colors,  Wow! Eva comes in 31 beautiful colors... goodness Sunflower .. great seller.. check it out ...
Fashion Note              Vibe                  FunkyGirl              Visage             LadyAspire           Mod Girl                Chic Freak               Eva                 Sunflower

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